Bridgit is decentralizing links to build the Internet of Ideas which disrupts knowledge discovery and collaboration, and search.

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Dave Room
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Bridgit was recently notified that it has won 2019 Next Generation Internet Award for Culture - Tools and procedures supporting diversity and inclusion. Bridgit is addressing track #3 Build a platform that incentivizes students learning fundamental skills such as Logic and STEM courses. It also can also address #6 Build a platform that rewards creativity, protects cultural and intellectual property rights for indigenous people and #9 Build a Decentralized Education System for training, seminars and home schooling. Bridgit is decentralizing links so that users can create smart links on any page that connect information on an idea by idea basis. Bridgit intends to make the web much more like the human brain with respect to its connectedness. Bridgit can in fact be thought of as a multi-leveled extension or augmentation of the brain, individually and collectively. Rather than pages, the ideas on pages are the nodes and they are directly connected as appropriate. A page can have hundreds or more ideas, each of which is a highly specific opportunity to interact around the user's attention. Each idea in turn can have tens if not hundreds of connections. Thus, a single web page could easily aggregate a thousand connections and new interactions that were previously impossible. African Americans are the most likely to engage and support brands in social media. Five of the first seven members of the founding team are African American as well as a handful of the advisors. Bridgit has strong ties with and intentions to support Pan African and youth communities. We are enabling them to be knowledge workers and to make money for extending the knowledge in topics for which they have expertise such as music, hip hop, entertainment, sports, african diaspora, history, and more. This could be the communities opportunity to be among the first which probably has never happened for a major social network.  We are already connected to many relevant networks including the Black Blockchain Summit, Wacoinda, Blacks and Cryptocurrecy Telegram, the Black Battery Recharge, HipHopTV, and Black Enterprise. Prospective partner companies are also beginning to emerge that will support various aspects of the launch, including building the beta community and engaging the diaspora during the token sale.  Full white paper is available upon request.